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New Products May 2018
May 15th, 2018
New Products IN STOCK
*Immucell Trishield - made by Immucell, helps prevent scours in calves caused by E. Coli, Coronavirus and Rotavirus. Immucell also manufactures the First Defense product. Talk to your veterinarian about the benefits of this product - it is more expensive than the First Defense profuct.

* Boehringer Ingelheim Lockout - Teat sealant, blue non-antibiotic intramammary dry cow product. Check with our office on pricing for your dairy.

* Merck Transdermal Banamine - formulated as a pour-on, labeled for foot rot and fever associated with respiratory disease for beef. Currently labeled for weaned beef and dairy calves. Talk with your veterinarian how this product can be used on your dairy.