Attica Vererinary

Attica Veterinary Associates, P.C.

Nutrition & Production Analysis

Dairy Nutrition & Milk Production Analysis

  • Dairy ration analysis and formulation based on goals of:

    • Favorable income over feed cost.

    • Optimum milk production (volume & components).

    • Herd health

    • Feeding strategies.

    • Feed availability

    • Commodity markets

  • Forage sampling and analysis with Cumberland Valley Analytical Services (branch lab in Batavia, NY).

  • BHBA monitoring

  • TMR audits including mixer evaluation

  • TMR management and monitoring including:

    • Load sheets

    • In-house dry matters

    • Penn State particle separation

    • Urine pH testing for anionic salts rations

  • Feed inventory management

  • DairyComp 305 records analysis support is available.