Attica Vererinary

Attica Veterinary Associates, P.C.


Appropriate use of pharmaceuticals and residue avoidance

  • We provide prescription drugs for clients only when a valid veterinarian-client-patient (VCP) relationship exists.

  • We provide veterinary-feed-directive documents for clients when a valid VCP relationship exists.

  • We maintain an on-line resource for all prescribed drugs specifying drug, dose, route of administration and duration of treatment. These resources also clearly identify the drug (picture) and give both meat and milk withdrawal times.

  • All drugs are stored correctly at our clinic and our inventory is managed to avoid outdated products.

  • All products are labelled to safe withdrawal times as well as dose and route of administration.

  • If there are questions about residue avoidance we provide professional backup for dairy producers based on understanding of animal metabolism and animal health.